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MFEI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is a legally registered corporation in NORTH CAROLINA,
founded by Executive TK Mackey and a Board of Directors that created an opportunity for
minorities to invest and own shares with a company that have a portfolio of small businesses.
diversifies it invest-info various long-term small business that create desperately need jobs.


MFEI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION have developed an organization to manage small company brands such as: FLAVA SHAAK (bar/grill restaurant), PERSON CENTERED SUPPORT CONSULTING SERVICE,LLC (outpatient therapy) MYLESTONE & ASSOCIATES GROUP,LLC (real estate development),) BEE- WAY DISTRIBUTORS (merchandise retailer), 1313 Motors (used automobiles), DIRECT POST LOGISTICS,INC (tractor trailers, dump trucks, box trucks), URBAN ALUNMI1313 (fashion), BUCO Coffee House (coffee/technology café). The company vision can become impeccably conglomerate. This creation enables the executives and Board of Directors to effectively manage each company’s retained earnings and structure the returns into long-term value and growth.

MFEI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION shareholders have credit, capital, collateral, character, and capacity to provide start up for Backyard BBQ and Street Czar Distributors. Included are solid relationships with a UPS Central Transportation Contractor and a Certified Small Business Enterprise Representative of the North Carolina Department of Transportation.